Don’t forget IPv6 if you are targeting Asia

For a long time we all have known that IPv4 limitations has come to an end. In the western world we are still heavily depending on IPv4 in a traditional way. However when it comes to younger and bigger Internet nations such as China and India, relaying on IPv4 is a disaster.

Only IPv6

Yes it’s true, China does not support IPv4 anymore. Well that’s not entirely true but it’s extremely limited and IPv6 is more or less the standard, same goes for India. For many in Europe and USA IPv6 is still a futuristic thing we don’t have to worry about yet. If you are thinking of having traffic from Asia, you’d better investigate if your hosting company and DNS supports IPv6. If not, change to one that does.

In Europe we still have IPSs that doesn’t support IPv6, so not to lose any traffic you need to be prepared for both, not just switching to IPv6.

Global launch for IPv6 June 6th 2012

The Internet Society has organized a World IPv6 launch. This includes hopefully all ISPs, hardware makers, hosting companies to permanently enable “Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6). IPv4 will not be shut down but will run its course until the addresses run out.

Largest industry commitment

The IPv6 deployment will be the largest industry commitment in the history of Internet. Not only the big boys have to upgrade, even you and me have to upgrade our routers, modems and maybe even your desktop network card.

Keep up to date with Internet

Not just for Asia but for the biggest change in Internet history.

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